Blackshot Aimbot Wallhack ESP & Chams

Blackshot Aimbot

Tutorial :
1. Download the hack below
Blackshot Aimbot
 Total downloads : 1.672
2.Run the hack
3. Open Blackshot and press inject on the hack
4. Press delete ingame to open the menu
Features :
Grenade rain/spammer
Ability to kick other players out of the game

Why play blackshot?

Blackshot computer game is based upon the future warfare techniques. The casting of the game stated with the destruction of old World on 4th December 2033 at 11.22 P.M. Triggering of nuclear devices on targets and failure of anti missile defenses resulted in wide destruction on earth. Only those who were in underground bunkers could survive. The entire population perished in the unprecedented World war fought with expandable human clone soldiers. The red color in the sky due to nuclear missiles brought all developments at ground level.

The leftover population aligned with different corporations who fought with each other to rebuild the human clone soldiers. Blackshot is a leading mercenary group and have been hired by opposite corporations. They fight for their master corporations to fulfill their contract.

The two major corporations are Gaia and the Cloners. Gaia has gained control over the remaining nuclear plants of the world. Almost all the reactors are in their control and this is the reason that they are leading partners in the race to develop the society while involving in research activities.

The left over human clone soldiers formed the group ‘The clones’ and have ownership of almost all the remaining factories producing human clone soldiers. ‘The clones’ are in pursuance of technology developed for cloning and recruit Gaia mercenary to safeguard their cloning factories.

Adam Garcia is a long time war veteran and is quite ruthless and fearless. Sniper Mantis is accurate with wide variety of ranged weapons, Nina is notable for her volumes but strong build up and Isabelle will never be short of ammunitions while in a fight with a gun against enemies. Airborne masses from US produced to kill the enemy, American soldier with M1 carbine, German army clones with super winning formula and Marines from US having donned digital camouflage uniforms are the best experts in handling of weapons.

Sixteen game masters with skills in weaponry command the game in modes like search and destroy, search and destroy infinite, team flag match, team death match, bunker defense and unlimited battle arena. All the modes have separate maps to play the game. The fierce battles fought on these maps are advance stages of warfare. Different rankers in armies with unbelievable arms and ammunitions are always ready to fight as per instructions given to them.

Game ends when the other side is finished to zero. Various steps to play the game after installation on site are included in the site itself. Controls, tactics, rewards, clans system and abuse policy guidelines must be read before playing the game as they reveal all the rules and rewards while playing the game.

The game is available to download for only registered members on the website of the game providers.

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