Call Of Duty 4 ; Modern Warfare Aimbot Wallhack ESP [UNDETECTED 2013 Feb]

Call of Duty 4 Aimbot

WOOT NEW HACK ! Finally finished working on our Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Aimbot, this is very advanced and I believe this is one of our best :)
We’re now working on a few MMO hacks, MU online to be specific.

1. Download it here :
Modern Warfare aimbot
 Total downloads : 4.205
2. Run CoD4
3. Run the hack
4. GUI shows the numpad keys to press ingame for features.
- Chams
o PlayerChams
o XQZ Wallhack
o Asus Wallhack
- Esp
o Name
o Distance
o Pose
o Class
o Weapon
o Bounding Box
o Line
o Explosives
o Explosive warnings
o 2D Radar
o Ignore friends
- Aimbot
o AimThru
o AimAt
o AimKey
o Visibility Check
o Knifebot
o AutoShoot
o AutoZoom
o AutoProne
o Frag Tossback
o Adjustable Field of View
o Human Aim
o Aim Speed
- Removals
o No Recoil
o No Smoke
 - Misc
o AutoRank
o NameChanger
o Draw Fps
o Draw Time
o Draw Resolution
o Custrom crosshair
 - Settings
o Menu Pos X
o Menu Pos Y
o Menu Width
o Radar Pos X
o Radar Pos Y
o Radar Size
o Crosshair Red
o Crosshair Green
o Crosshair Blue

Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare – What is it ?

Call of duty modern warfare is a first person shooter game entrenched with some unique tips and awesome strategies. Installment of Modern Warfare takes place in contemporary settings in contrast to World War II. Activision published this game whereas Infinity Ward developed this game for PC, PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and Macintosh. Right now, it is ruling the gaming world and this is the leading cause why it is ranked as most interesting game. It is incomparable and a highly successful shooter game that incorporates a number of unique features. Every series of Call of Duty Modern Welfare is different from its predecessor and has something better than World War II.

PlayStation 3 Modern Welfare has left behind many notable attributes by introducing new characters and contemporary story line. The hype given to this game is looming with preorder that makes one of the most demanding games. Treyarch handled “Call of Duty modern warfare reflex edition” which is the Wii version of this game and it released on 10 Nov 2009. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 has two direct sequels namely call of duty modern warfare 2 and call of duty modern warfare 3. Other sequels of this game have three diverse campaign style of specific country but this one has a more dramatic plot with intertwined story. If you have picked one of the copies of this game, then you can experience most anticipating things like online multiplayer, spectacular visuals, co-operative options and much more.

The new game has brought a wide array of conventional weapons such as night visions, C4 synthetic explosives, sniper rifles of .50 caliber and assault rifles. Call of duty modern warfare 4 incorporates a new feature known as “Hardcore” where health of players is reduced from hundred to thirty. This feature also removes heads-up display and enables friendly fire. Hardcore library integrates standard gaming modes like Team Deathmatch, “Search and Destroy” and headquarters. Currently, call of duty modern warfare has twenty multiplayer maps. Multiplayer trait includes class system having five specific classes with load outs of default weapon and perks. This allows users to generate 5 custom classes so that they can customize weapon load-out and 3 perks assigned to character.

Five default groups involve Assault, Light Machine, Demolition, Sniper Class Spec Ops and Gunner. Users can also gain Experience Point for becoming Lance Corporal, which can be grossed by killing antagonists to create a widely opened class. Experience Point can vary in accordance with different forms of match that users play. At the end, first-time player has only three classes that are unlocked so that players can grow more experience points online. Class system is quite different when it comes to offline multiplayer and split screen on consoles. Recently, they have also introduced co-operative options that put 2 players together against wave. Elite-MW3 Multiplayer includes Elite Integration, which is the most recent online service delivering spectacular graphics and character animation at 60 frames-per-second.

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