Wolfenstein ; Enemy Territory Aimbot wallhack and speedhack

Enemy Territory Aimbot

1. Download it below
Wolf ET Aimbot
 Total downloads : 1.312
2. Run Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
3. Run the hack for ET and press inject
4. Press insert ingame to open the menu.
Features :
- Auto Aim ( OnPress / Full )
- Silent Aim (invisible on killcam/spectator)
- Auto Wall
- Auto Fire
- Auto Zoom
- Bone Aim ( Helmet / Head / Spine / Any )
- Smooth Aim (Humanized)
- Aim Angle
- Fire Delay
- Trigger Bot ( OnPress / Full )
- Aim Sensitivity
- No Spread (No shake for spectators)
- No Recoil
Render :
- Player Radar ( 3D / 2D )
- Bounding Boxes ( 2D )
- CrossHair ( All Weapons )
- Visibility Checks ( Bounding Boxes / Colors )
Esp :
- Name ESP
- Distance ESP
- Weapon ESP
- Health ESP
- Player Icons

What is Wolfenstein Enemy Territory?

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory computer game is a team based multiplayer game in which completion of objectives is done by cooperating and covering the team mates and their abilities on fire front. Allies combat, so win or defeat is not individual but it is of the team. The game was developed by Splash Damage and idsoftware and published by Activision. It was released on May 29, 2003.

A maximum of 32 players can participate in this multiplayer game at a time. They are divided in five distinct characters on battle field to ease out the battle line up for the team. Engineers look after for laying and defusing of mines, constructing bridges, guard towers, forward bases to help the team in making advances during combat with enemy forces.

Medical team cares for the wounded and helps the team soldiers to be fit for fights. Covert team steals the dresses of dead enemies and uses it to perform covert reconnaissance behind the enemy forces. The most important Field Ops use binoculars to watch the activities of enemy. They act at the right time and at right place during combat operations. The soldiers are the real players on the field to watch. Each group can have members as per battle field requirements.

The planning of battle necessarily needs map of the field and communication devices to guide each group so that a collective move is taken in combats. In the multiple based objective scenarios, the teams are in continuous fights one after the other. During the operation, the teams gain clevery in battle sense, weaponry and class specific abilities.

The higher the players proceed in respective categories; the more they are awarded with enhanced abilities like use of machine gun instead of pistol as secondary weapon, ability to see land mines, higher ammunition capacity and so many others. They are also awarded with promotions to higher ranks represented on helmets in battlefield.

The three modes in game are objective, campaign and team based last man standing mode. Each team tries that in the end of the game, his team mate must survive on battlefield. The game is devised to have a new terrain foliage system in which long grass or covers or snowy peaks are created in the battle field so that soldiers may hide and game duration may be extended.

The minimum requirements in the systems are 32 MB 3D graphic card, 600MHz Pentium III processor, 128 MB RAM, 271 MB free hard disc space for the game and a space of 500 MB to swap files. High speed internet connection for online gaming is a must. It can be downloaded on Macs, Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X platforms.

The game gives tremendous entertainment to players because of a number of game modes, addition of latest technology lased firepower as land mines, mortars, silenced sniper rifles, mobile MG-42s.

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